Construction That Sticks to a Tight Schedule

ScotchBuilt’s approach to construction management has earned us top reviews and testimonials from our clients in NEPA. Paul and the entire ScotchBuilt team are dedicated to bringing efficient construction management with superior quality results.

Once construction begins with ScotchBuilt, Paul is on site and runs the project from start to finish. Paul will handle all permits specific to municipalities and city zoning codes and oversee all aspects of construction to guarantee your project stays within its schedule and budget.

ScotchBuilt’s dedication to efficiency means construction sticks to a tight schedule. Small projects can be finished within 3-4 months and a larger project is usually completed in a year or more, depending on scale. Paul provides you with a schedule at the conclusion of the planning stage and makes sure his team completes construction within that time frame.

Paul is proud that ScotchBuilt is an in-house construction company, which sets us apart from other contractors in Northeast Pennsylvania. A large portion of the clients’ needs are offered by ScotchBuilt. To save money and provide optimal efficiency at every stage, your ScotchBuilt project team consists of permanent crew members,which brings continuity throughout the project. This sets us apart from other contractors in Northeast Pennsylvania. With ScotchBuilt, you get a family service with no outside sub-contractors.