Grzyboski’s Lionel Train Store – Moosic, PA

Grzyboski’s Lionel Train Store – Moosic, PA

Grzyboski’s Lionel Train Store, a project completed by ScotchBuilt in 2006-2007, presented interesting challenges. ScotchBuilt needed to marry conventional construction with steel engineering in order to create an attractive final product. Additionally, ScotchBuilt needed to build into rock ledge for the project. Lastly, the footprint of the building was driven by the lot size. ScotchBuilt needed to strategically address how to maximize each square inch of space possible.

To overcome each of these challenges, ScotchBuilt used their decades of experience in quality design and construction. Building into the rock ledge proved an easy fix by hydrohammering footings out of the ledge. Space maximization concerns were also addressed by utilizing structural steel to support increases in eave height allowing for storage to expand up instead of out.

The marrying of conventional construction with steel engineering required a two-phased approach to achieve successful results. First, aesthetically pleasing results were assured by synthetic slate shingles and the development of attractive ways to incorporate the existing steel structural elements into the overall design. Second, the masonry, brick and limestone elements of the building structure were utilized to achieve an overall look in keeping with the company’s marketing goals for the facility.

ScotchBuilt’s results on Grzyboski’s Lionel Train Store exceeded all their client’s expectations. Additionally, ScotchBuilt was proud to receive the Master Builder Award for their innovative approach to the building.

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